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Hello! My name is Rachel, and I am the creator and blogger here at Cat Lady Alley.

smiling woman with tabby cat
Me and my first cat Dexter.

In late 2022, I launched a shop called Cat Lady Alley (stickers, stationery, and cat-themed goods). But because I love sharing all things cat-related, not just things I create, I’m also starting a blog for Cat Lady Alley. And you’ve found it

Browsing the blog

So, what can you expect to find here at Cat Lady Alley? Anything and everything that a cat lady (or fella) might appreciate! I want to provide you with inspiration to live a cat-filled, fun, and enriching life! I’ll do that by:

  • sharing tips for you as a cat parent
  • finding fun feline-inspired products
  • sharing cool cat gadgets
  • providing enrichment ideas
  • curating cat-themed gift guides
  • performing product reviews
  • hosting giveaways
  • dabbling in DIY projects
  • and more!
lady smiling at camera next to white cat
Rachel and Sophie

No matter your current status (a cat currently owns you, or you admire felines from afar), you’re sure to find something that speaks to your inner cat lady.

But first, who am I and when did I become a cat lady?

From cat kid to cat lady

Yep, that’s me, mini Rachel, loving on a neighborhood cat. Clearly I was a child of the 80s, as evidenced by those first-rate bangs.

young child holding black cat
Cat Kid Rachel

As far back as I can remember, there’s always been a cat in my life. In my teens, though, I developed an allergy to cats. But I powered through because, no, I would not stop loving my cats. Then at 18, I was off to college and dorm life, where no cats were allowed.

As a young adult, my allergies continued, and there was an 11-year gap of no cats in my life. I’m not sure how I survived. (Well, with a clear nose and minimal sneezing, I suppose.)

A cat lady finds her cat

Then Father’s Day arrived in 2010. On a 100+ degree June day in Southern California, while out walking three dogs (only one was ours), my husband Ross and I crossed paths with a teeny tiny, stray tabby kitten.

Dexter joined our household that day – June 20, 2010, and I finally began my journey as a cat lady.

Keep ’em coming

Through the years, more cats found their way to our home. At one time, we had five cats (and one dog), and my cat lady status was undeniable. (In case you’re wondering, my allergies lessened over the years until no longer needing meds at all!)

My sweet Harley passed away in 2022, and we currently share our home with four wonderful felines – Dexter, Olive, Sophie, and Woodrow.

My Three Chatty Cats blog is all about my cats. And you guessed it, I started it when we only had three cats (what an amateur).

cute tortie kitten looking at camera
Kitten Olive back in 2011

A cat community

When I began my blogging journey in 2016 with Three Chatty Cats, it was a fun way to share my cats with the world. But what I found beyond that was a fantastic community of devoted cat moms and dads, tireless cat rescuers, and even passionate owners of cat companies. What a wonderful community to belong to!

I’m happy to have a small corner in the cat world with my two cat blogs, and I plan to continue sharing anything and everything that inspires this cat lady.

Hugs and meows,

tabby cat sniffing woman in glass looking at camera
Rachel and Woodrow

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