Stop Litter Box Odors Before They Spread

One thing most cat parents have in common is the desire for their house to not smell like a litter box. Does that sound like you? Well, if you’re looking to stop litter box odors before they spread throughout the house, the Sunstar QAIS-air- 04 air purifier may be just the ticket!

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Our Litter Setup

We have two litter areas in our house – one upstairs and one downstairs. Both litter areas are tucked away in a closet, and each has a cat door installed for entry and exit. I also have a small air purifier in each litter closet.

The downstairs litter closet, shown below, is in our living room. So although it’s tucked away, it’s still in a high-traffic area where lots of noses pass by.

And while I think the small air purifier has helped reduce odors, I still get a whiff of litter occasionally when I walk by the litter closet – and definitely when I open the door. Also, the current air purifiers I have are a bit noisy, and you can hear them outside of the closet when the door is closed.

A quick note on the Litter-Robot 4. Even though the waste is stored in the bottom of the unit, the waste clumps still sit on the bed of litter for about seven minutes before the unit cycles. This seven-minute waiting period allows for the clumping action of the litter to take effect, but it also allows for pet odor to accumulate before it cycles – which is why I still use an air purifier to cut down on odors.

Unboxing Sunstar QAIS-air- 04

When Sunstar asked if we’d like to try their QAIS-air- 04 air purifier, which is specifically designed to stop pet odors, I was eager to see if this unit would be better than what we currently use.

Sunstar QAIS-air- 04

Here’s what comes in the box:

  • Air purifier unit
  • Power cord
  • Mounting bracket
  • Screws and nails
  • Cord covers
  • Manual and installation instructions
top of air purifier unit
Top of the unit.

Installing Sunstar QAIS-air- 04

The installation process was super quick and easy, and it took me less than 10 minutes to install the air purifier on the wall.

I taped the instructions to the wall, which shows where the bracket will be. You want the unit positioned about two feet above your cat’s litter box so that as odors rise, they will be pulled into the unit.

qais wall mount bracket installation
Bracket instructions taped to wall.

With the instructions in place, I attached the bracket to the wall with two of the eight nails. Then, I carefully slid the paper out from behind the bracket.

qais wall mount bracket installation
Bracket loosely installed on top of the instructions.

With the instructions removed, I secured the bracket with the remaining six nails. The unit comes with screws that can be used instead, depending on the surface material you’re installing on.

Next, I plugged in the air purifier and slid the unit onto the wall bracket. The unit is only 3.5 pounds and very easy to handle. The last step was to install the cord covers for a nice finished look.

Even though the air purifier is tucked away in a closet, the Sunstar QAIS-air- 04 is fairly nice looking and doesn’t stick out very far.

What Makes QAIS-air- 04 different from other air purifiers?

Here’s a quick rundown of how the Sunstar QAIS-air- 04 differs from other air purifiers.

  • QAIS-air- 04 has no filter that needs changing (a big plus, in my opinion).
  • Instead of masking the odor, it eliminates the pet odors from above and deodorizes them before they spread.
  • It’s designed specifically for pet odors (ammonia) instead of general filtering of air.

Does it work?

Yes! Even though I used an air purifier previously in our litter closet, I could tell that the Sunstar QAIS-air- 04 does a better job of eliminating odors. I’m not hit with a wave of litter box smells when I open the closet door. I appreciate that, and I’m sure my cats do as well.

But here’s what I love most about it. It’s so quiet!

That may seem like a trivial benefit. But when comparing it to what we used to have, it’s so nice not to hear a running purifier as I walk through the living room.

Sunstar QAIS-air- 04 installed in litter closet

Where to Buy

If you think this air purifier would be good for your home and litter box odors, you can purchase the Sunstar QAIS-air- 04 on Amazon.

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