Enriching Playtime with the Ripple Rug Cat Activity Mat

In my last post, I offered up 10 cat enrichment ideas to try with your furry friend. And now each week in October, I’ll expand upon one of those enrichment ideas. First up, a cat activity mat! Let’s look at how activity mats like Ripple Rug can benefit your cat through interactive play.

This is the first of five articles in our October cat enrichment series.

white cat under Ripple Rug cat activity mat with tabby cat sitting in background
Sophie under the top layer of the Ripple Rug. Dexter hangs out in the back.

What is a Ripple Rug Cat Activity Mat?

I won a Ripple Rug back in 2016 at a pet blogging conference, and that was the first time I had heard about a cat activity mat. I brought it home, and all of my cats loved it! And since then, I’ve purchased a few over the years. Our dog even enjoys it!

So, what is it? The Ripple Rug is two pieces of carpet, where the bottom piece lays flat on the ground, and the top piece has several holes in it and attaches to the bottom piece via velcro. This allows you to shape the top rug into different configurations.

two cats playing on the ripple rug cat activity mat
Playtime for Sophie and Dexter with the Ripple Rug.

Enriching Playtime with the Ripple Rug Cat Activity Mat

Did you know that cat activity mats are a great way to provide enriching playtime for your cat? But more than just playtime, they can also be a perfect place for your cat to hang out and relax. Let’s look at how activity mats like Ripple Rug can benefit your cat’s mental and physical health.

Natural Instincts Take Over: With its holes and burrowing areas, the mat helps simulate hunting and stalking behaviors for your cat. You can hide some treats or a small cat toy in one of the holes and then watch your cat pounce on its prey.

Mental Stimulation: Since you can change the mat’s shape via the velcro attachments, your cat will remain engaged mentally with the different configurations you create. Changing the terrain allows for new areas to explore, keeping things interesting for your curious cat.

white cat burrowing under cat play rug
Sophie goes after a toy in the cat activity mat.

Physical Exercise: Indoor-only cats like mine often aren’t as active as those allowed outside. But a cat activity mat can offer physical exercise opportunities for your furry friend, like jumping, pouncing, exploring, and more.

tabby cat looking in hole of ripple rug
Dexter peers through an opening to spot his prey.

Good for Scratching: We don’t have carpet in our house or any throw rugs, for that matter. But when we did, our cats loved to scratch the rugs. With the Ripple Rug, our cats now have a place to fulfill their natural instinct to scratch – and it’s on an appropriate surface.

Dexter also loves to give the rug a good bite!

tabby cat biting and playing on a cat activity mat
Dexter wrestles with the cat activity mat.

Multi-Cat Playtime: We currently have four cats, and all of them love the Ripple Rug. But what’s great is that they love playing with each other on the mat, too! The interactive mat allows for them to pounce, wrestle, and play together, which overall promotes socialization between the cats.

two cats playing on a cat activity rug
Woodrow and Sophie team up against the feather.

Cat Parent Bonding: One of the things that I personally love about the mat is that it’s a lot of fun for me as the cat parent to play with the cats as well. Sticking a wand toy in and out of the holes and watching them lunge for it is adorable. It’s also super cute to see them try and fit through the holes to get to the toy.

white cat playing with feather cat toy
You can play with your cats, too!

Comfort and Security: If you have a bush dweller cat (I have two), then you know those types of cats love a cozy place to hide and feel secure. The Ripple Rug offers a perfect hiding spot under the top layer where your cat can relax and feel safe.

white cat under top layer of ripple rug
Sophie hangs out in the Ripple Rug.

Overall, a cat activity mat like Ripple Rug can be a great way to offer enriching playtime and a stimulating environment for your cat.

Here’s a video of Sophie and Dexter showing just how much they enjoy the rug! Some of these clips are from last month, and some are from 5 years ago, proving how much they still love the rug over time!

About the Ripple Rug Cat Activity Mat

The top rug has 14 holes of varying sizes. And when unfolded, both the top and bottom rugs measure 35 x 47 inches. The bottom rug has an anti-slip rubber coating. The carpet material is made up of 100% polyester fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. The Ripple Rug is made in the USA.

The Ripple Rug website has tips on how to properly maintain and clean the rug, like vacuuming and spot stain removal. I like that it’s machine-washable (cold cycle, air dry).

The rug is currently available in the colors Black, Mocha Chocolate, Oatmeal White, or Beige. Most of the photos in this post are the mocha chocolate color, but we also have one in beige.

Where to Buy

If you’re shopping online, you can visit the Ripple Rug shop to purchase from them directly. (They are not sold on Amazon.)

The rug is also sold in some retail locations. You can visit their website to see where it’s sold in stores.

Ripple Rug Giveaway

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed.

Ripple Rug is giving away one Ripple Rug each to two winners! The giveaway is open to U.S. residents, and closes on October 8, 2023 at 5:00pm Pacific, full details below.

white cat lying on top of cat activity mat
Sophie says, “This one is mine!”

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a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Sophie is tired from playing and takes a well-deserved rest.

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  1. My cats love hiding in places, but hate the unpredictability of the pop up tunnels that are a popular toy, so I bet they would love this!

  2. I think my cat is a bit of a “bush dweller” and would have a lot of fun with the Ripple Rug. Do you leave yours down all the time or does it need to be supervised playing?

    1. Hi Georgia, I used to leave it down. But because of the puppy, it gets put away when not in use. I also believe that creates more excitement when it’s brought out again.

  3. I’ve wanted one of the rugs, especially for my 10mo old kitten, she’s so active and loves to get under stuff since she can’t really jump well (she has messed up knees but it doesn’t cause her pain thankfully!)

  4. This rug for cats is interesting never saw one like it before. I like that Cats can bond, play, hide and even get under it and maybe even use it as their ne favorite spot LOL but I really like how it draws Cat’s curiosity and makes them check it out and keeps them exercising in there own little way

  5. Our three cats are older but still very playful and love exploring everything. The ripple rug looks like it would be just what they need. It look very durable, too.

  6. I’ve never heard of a cat rug before. We just got two kitties about 4 months ago and they would absolutely love it. I will have to check them out.

  7. guyz! de rug lookz AWESUM ‼️ we knead that on de furniturez….sum cat
    ( mackerull ) haz scratched de cloth all de way down two de wood frame 😼‼️
    on de love seet 😺😺best fishez two all 💙🐟

  8. I haven’t seen a mat like this one. I hope my senior cat finds it stimulating and she can play and explore and enjoy herself!

  9. I love how the Ripple Rug is great for Multi-Cat Playtime! It would be absolutely purr-fect for my cats! Thanks for sharing!

  10. My cats would have a lot of fun with the ripple rug. Maybe this will keep them out of trouble. My Siamese likes to bury himself under the kitchen rug sometimes.

  11. Every morning, as the sun peeks through my curtains, my day begins with a sense of purpose and dedication. My ten adopted cats eagerly await their breakfast, their tails flicking in anticipation. Each one holds a special place in my heart, their individual personalities weaving a tapestry of love and companionship. Among them, two are special needs, requiring a bit more attention and care.

    For my special needs fur babies, every day is a gentle dance of understanding and empathy. One of them, a sweet tabby with vision impairment, relies on the familiar sounds and scents of our home. I’ve learned to create a safe haven, arranging furniture with meticulous consideration, so he can navigate freely, never experiencing the frustration of stumbling or uncertainty. The other, a calico with a tender spirit, has taught me the power of patience. She faces mobility challenges with grace, and through gentle encouragement and adapted spaces, she discovers the joy of exploring and playing.

    Ensuring the well-being of my feline family extends beyond their physical health. Mental stimulation, such as this rug, is just as vital. I’ve transformed our home into a playground of enrichment, offering climbing shelves, interactive toys, and cozy hideaways. Watching them engage with their environment brings immeasurable joy, knowing that I’m providing them with the mental stimulation and happiness they deserve.

    In the evenings, we gather for cuddles and affection, forming a circle of warmth and trust. Each cat, with their own unique quirks and preferences, finds solace in my presence. As I stroke their fur, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity to give them a safe and loving forever home. These ten feline souls have filled my life with purpose, reminding me daily of the boundless capacity for love and the extraordinary connections that can be forged between humans and their cherished animal companions.