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Did you know that July is Pet Hydration Month? Today, I’ll talk about the signs of dehydration in pets and tips on keeping them hydrated. I’ll also offer my top picks if you’re looking for a pet fountain for your cat or dog.

tabby cat drinking from pet fountain

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Symptoms of Dehydration in Pets

We live in a warm climate, and summers can be downright hot, some days reaching over 100 degrees. So, watching for dehydration is important here. But no matter where you live, knowing the signs to watch for is always good.

Here are some common signs of pet dehydration:

  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Excessive and ongoing panting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry or sticky gums
  • Sunken, dry eyes (in severe cases)
  • Reduced skin elasticity (when pulled or moved, the skin will not go back to its original place)

If you think your cat or dog is dehydrated, please take them to your vet! It could be due to heat, but there could also be an underlying condition.

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian. You should always consult a medical professional if you’re worried about your pet’s health.

Tips for Keeping Pets Hydrated

Now we know the signs of pet dehydration. But how can you help keep your pet hydrated?

  • Provide clean water at all times.
  • Change the water frequently to ensure freshness.
  • For the freshest water, consider using a pet fountain.
  • Offer multiple drinking areas in your house.
  • Bring extra water when traveling or exercising with your pet.
  • If your pet is outside, whether it is for a few minutes or longer, always make sure they have plenty of water. But don’t leave your pet outside in hot temperatures!
siamese mix cat drinking from smart pet fountain

Our Top Picks for Pet Water Fountains

I’ve been a pet parent for nearly 20 years, including both cats and dogs, so we’ve sampled our fair share of fountains. Here are my top picks for pet water fountains.

Overall Top Pick: Dockstream Wireless Pump Water Fountain

white cat sitting with two dockstream wireless pump pet water fountains

Our top choice for a pet fountain goes to Petlibro’s Dockstream Wireless Pump Water Fountain. You can check out the full review I wrote about this fountain on my cat blog, but the highlights are:

  • This pet fountain is super quiet (basically silent).
  • A wireless pump means no cord going into the fountain base.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • Two models: cordless vs. corded (more details below)
  • My cats took to it immediately.

The company, Petlibro, offers two versions of the fountain. One is truly cordless, meaning you can place the unit anywhere (after the base is charged). The other version needs to be plugged in, but the fountain portion is removable and not corded, which is a plus. I dislike fountains requiring a pump cord going into the fountain’s base.

Overall Top Pick: Our main reason for selecting the Dockstream Wireless Pump Water Fountain as the overall top pick is because of how quiet it is!

Shop Automatic Pet Fountains at Petlibro!

Or shop for the Dockstream fountain on Amazon.

Here are two of my cats enjoying the pet fountain.

Runner-Up Pick: Smart Pet Fountain by Uahpet

tabby cat with smart cat fountain

Our runner-up selection is also a great fountain. We’ve selected the Smart Pet Fountain by Uahpet as our runner-up choice. Here’s why:

  • The fountain is cordless.
  • The pump is quiet (and cordless).
  • It’s easy to take apart and clean.

Runner-Up Pick: So, what put the Dockstream over the Smart Pet Fountain for the top pick? Honestly, mostly the looks. The Dockstream is a bit more stylish than this one. But we still use the Smart Pet Fountain as well, and it is our runner-up selection. Check out our full review of this fountain on our cat blog.

Shop at uahpet.com
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Or shop for the Smart Pet Fountain on Amazon.

February 11, 2024 update: Uahpet sent us their new stainless steel cat water fountain to try out. I like that both the drinking bowl and water reservoir are stainless steel, and it’s dishwasher safe. It’s also cordless. However, while the pump isn’t flat-out loud, it’s not super quiet either. Here’s a quick video of setting up the fountain.

Shop for the Stainless Steel Cat Fountain on Amazon

Hi-Tech Pick: Felaqua Connect by Sure Petcare

If you’re into technology and being informed of your cat’s every move, then you may want to check out our hi-tech pick, the Felaqua® Connect by Sure Petcare.

I will always recommend Sure Petcare’s microchip pet feeder as the best pet product we have – of all time (no joke!). So, I had to buy their Felaqua water fountain when I saw it come out.

Here are the Felaqua Connect features, including what makes it hi-tech:

  • A microchip reader connects to multiple cats.
  • If connected to the Hub (sold separately), you can monitor each cat’s drinking habits and potentially catch health issues that may have gone unnoticed. You’ll also be informed when the reservoir needs to be refilled
  • Weight sensors on the fountain tell you how much water is consumed (via the Sure Petcare App).
  • The pet fountain is cordless (uses C batteries).
  • The fountain has no pump but is gravity fed and automatically refills from the 1-liter reservoir.
  • With a wide and shallow dish, the water is presented to your cat like a puddle, which is more visible and appealing to your cat, encouraging it to drink more.

Hi-Tech Pick: As you can see, a lot of tech is packed into this little pumpless fountain. I found this very handy with our cat Harley (RIP), who had chronic kidney disease. Being able to monitor his water consumption was helpful.

Our full review: Felaqua Connect: A Smart Cat’s Drinking Fountain
Shop for Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect

Stylish Pick: PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain

If you’re into style and décor, you might want to check out the Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain from PetSafe.

We no longer use this fountain in our house, but I will admit it’s prettier to look at than all of the others. If you don’t mind the sound of trickling water (some may even find it soothing), and the fountain can be near an outlet, then this pet fountain may work for you.

Shop for Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain at PetSafe.com.

Or shop for the Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain on Amazon.

There you have it! Those are our top picks for pet fountains. Do you have a favorite fountain? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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