My Dirty Paws: A Passion Project

Today I want to share one of my favorite artists with you, Stacy Tang, and her touching art project, My Dirty Paws.

After repeatedly seeing a stray cat with dirty paws, Stacy was inspired to create My Dirty Paws, an art project that brings attention to shelter and rescue pets.

Using art to raise awareness on shelter & rescue animals. I hope these illustrations will encourage people to see the beautiful souls of these animals and motivate more adoptions.

Stacy Tang, mydirtypaws.com

The Artwork of My Dirty Paws

If you browse through the Meow and Woof sections of mydirtypaws.com, you’ll see the different art styles that Stacy utilizes to capture each cat and dog – each unique and all adorable.

My Dirty Paws cats
My Dirty Paws artwork

The first piece I purchased from Stacy was an “Oldies But Goodies” poster that celebrates adult and senior cats. All of the cats featured are over seven years old, and many are ones she has met in real life.

tabby cat looking at cat poster
Dexter checks out the poster – he approves!

Commissioned Pieces

The next three pieces of artwork I purchased from Stacy are ones that I commissioned.

This first one features all of my cats at the time. It hangs in my office, bringing me a smile every day.

The next two pieces I commissioned after my sweet Harley passed away in December 2022. Stacy created matching portraits for Harley and our senior dog Eddie who passed in July 2020. These photos don’t do the artwork justice. Both my husband and I were blown away by these portraits. They currently reside in our dining room.

You can contact Stacy if you’re interested in a commission. Or check out her store for current pieces, including art prints, tote bags, stickers and buttons.

Stacy currently shares her home with Moji the cat. You can follow Moji’s adventures on Instagram. And follow My Dirty Paws on Instagram as well!

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