7 Ways a Heartbeat Stuffed Animal Can Reduce Anxiety in Your Cat

While cats and kittens can have a calming effect on their human, have you ever wondered how you as the cat parent can help reduce your cat’s anxiety?

A heartbeat stuffed animal may be your answer.

While many cats do not experience frequent or constant anxiety, there are certain situations where your cat or kitten may feel uneasy or stressed. That’s where having a heartbeat plushie, like the Calmeroos Kitty, can come in handy to provide comfort and alleviate stress.

Calmeroos Kitty heartbeat stuffed animal toy in front of product boxes
Calmeroos Kitty is a heartbeat stuffed animal.

Disclosure: I received one Calmeroos Kitty plushie free of charge for an honest review. All opinions stated here are my own. Calmeroos also donated five plushies to an organization of my choosing. Some links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Calmeroos Kitty: Reducing Anxiety in Your Cat or Kitten

I recently learned about Calmeroos Kitty at a pet blogging conference I attended, and I loved the concept of it. According to the company, the plushie is “designed to appeal to your pet’s natural instincts by recreating the experience of cuddling up to their mama and littermates.”

black shelter kitten with calmeroos kitty
Black shelter kitten with Calermoos Kitty

Having fostered kittens in the past (who didn’t have their mamas), I knew this plushie would have benefited the tiny ones at the time.

The Calmeroos Kitty offers three areas of comfort:

  1. It’s plush and soft, offering a cozy place for a cat to snuggle up to.
  2. The kitty has a pouch for a disposable heat pack, offering warmth to your cat.
  3. Inside that same pouch, you can place a battery-operated heart that makes a heartbeat sound, mimicking the mama cat’s heart.

Soft, warm, and with the sound of a heartbeat – all of this means comfort and the easing of anxiety for your cat or kitten.

calico cat in shelter with calmeroos kitty
Calico cat being comforted by Calmeroos Kitty

7 Ways a Heartbeat Stuffed Animal Can Reduce Anxiety in Your Cat or Kitten

Here are seven situations when a Calmeroos Kitty can help alleviate stress or anxiety.

  1. The plushie can provide comfort to a motherless kitten or litter.
  2. When a cat is adopted from a shelter or rescue, the plushie can help ease the transition to a new home (or environment).
  3. It can help reduce separation anxiety when you leave the house.
  4. The stuffed animal can be a good travel companion in your cat’s carrier when visiting the vet.
  5. The plushie offers comfort during recovery from surgery or illness.
  6. If your cat or kitten gets scared of loud sounds like fireworks or a thunderstorm, having the plushie around may help relax them.
  7. And lastly, the stuffed animal may help ease general anxiety in your cat or kitten.

As I mentioned earlier, not all cats experience frequent anxiety or uneasiness. But these particular situations may occur from time to time. And having the warmth and tactile comfort of the stuffed animal, along with the steady heartbeat, may help your cat or kitten feel more secure.

calico cat in shelter with calmeroos kitty
Shelter cat with Calmeroos Kitty

While Calmeroos is a natural way to ease your cat’s anxiety, if they’re suffering from extreme anxiety or unease, you should always consult a veterinarian.

Setting up the Calmeroos Kitty

The setup is quite simple.

  • Remove the kitty from the box.
  • If you want to provide warmth, open one of the disposable heat packs (do not use scissors), which is activated by the open air.
  • Switch on the heartbeat sound on the back of the heart.
  • Place both items in the kitty’s pouch.

The Calmeroos Kitty (and Puppy) is safe for pets, as there are no plastic pieces on the plushie. It’s also machine-washable (with the heat pack and heart removed). Each kitty comes with two disposable heat packs, which last up to 36 hours each.

Calmeroos Believes in Giving Back

Crystal, the owner of Calmeroos, is an entrepreneur and pet lover who believes in giving back.

Not only does the company provide 2 pounds of food to shelter pets with each Calmeroos purchase, they also donate Calmeroos to shelters and rescues.

When Crystal asked if I had a rescue in mind, I immediately answered with Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles! We have fostered for the rescue before, and two of our fosters became resident cats.

Because of Crystal’s generosity, I went to Best Friends to donate five Calmeroos Kitty plushies for the cats and kittens waiting for their forever homes. Thank you to Crystal for donating these plushies!

Where to Purchase

If you think the Calmeroos Kitty may help your cat or kitten, you can purchase it on Amazon. And remember, for every plushie purchased, the company donates 2 pounds of food to shelter pets!

Purchase Calmeroos Kitty from Amazon.
The Calmeroos Puppy is also on Amazon.

You can also purchase additional heat packs and a replaceable heartbeat simulator if needed.

white cat with calmeroos kitty
Sophie with her Calmeroos Kitty

Would your cat or kitten benefit from a Calmeroos Kitty?

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