An Amazing Fun-Filled Day at CatCon

This past weekend, the streets of Pasadena, California, were filled with over 11,000 cat lovers attending the annual convention known as CatCon. Each year, people travel in from all around to attend, but I’m fortunate to be (semi) local to the area, which means this was my fifth time attending the feline-filled event!

Let’s take a look at what one can see and do at CatCon!

bright pink catcon signage

So. Many. Cat. Lovers!

This was my first year attending as press, so I skipped the around-the-block line that formed before the doors opened at 10AM. But seeing so many eager cat moms and dads waiting to get in was quite inspiring! And CatCon sold out, which shows how popular the event is with cat lovers!

Items for cats

Once inside, attendees will be challenged to decide which items to purchase for their cats. While you might want to buy everything, you may need to pace yourself. Exhibitors have everything from cat toys and litter supplies to cat food and health supplements.

Items for cat lovers

Let’s not forget the cat ladies and fellas! Cat moms and dads are sure to find something for themselves as well. There’s apparel, art, books, home goods and more!

So, what did this cat lady buy? I bought two cute books, several stickers, a pin, a keychain, and some beautiful items for the home – a mousepad and a glass cutting board. Not pictured is a wall clock from the same artist (Vina Kao) as the mousepad and cutting board – because I already hung it up!

Items are from:

Meet and greets

While I didn’t do any meeting or greeting, the appearances by famous cats and cat people were one of the highlights of CatCon for many attendees. This year, cat lovers were delighted to see celebricats including Adventure Cat Leo and Merlin the Ragdoll, and celebrities like Nathan the Cat Lady and The Two Crazy Cat Ladies.

Kitten adoptions from Best Friends

The kitten adoption area is always popular. Even if you’re not there to adopt, who can pass up looking at the adorable kittens? This year, 161 kittens were adopted at CatCon! Look at that line of cat lovers waiting to see the kittens!

The adoption group, Best Friends Los Angeles, has a special place in my heart because we have fostered from them in the past – and adopted two cats from the rescue organization, Woodrow and Harley (RIP).

CatCon – and that’s a wrap!

I can’t wait to return next year for another weekend of everything cat! Until then, I’ll leave you with one final video of the day recapping the amazing event!

Debuting in 2015, CatCon is the world’s biggest cat-centric event. You can learn more at

Would you go to CatCon? Or have you been? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. guyz…sew we list a lizt oh like a bazillion thingz mom buyed for her purrson ull uze, but we R guezzin that all de stuffz she buyed for each oh ewe, and dad all sew, iz like bee in shipped strait a way two yur houz 🐟😺💚

  2. rachel, glad you had a great time, looks like a lot of fun. have never been to cat con; will
    have to catch one some day ~~~~. laura