Cat Room Ideas: Designing a Fun and Functional Cat Space

I love my cats, and I want to give them anything their little hearts desire (I mean within reason, obviously). So, I thought to myself, what could I do to help enrich my cats’ lives? How about creating a cat room playground!

tabby cat walking on cat shelf and bridge

I had been thinking about adding cat shelves somewhere in the house for a while. So, why not install them in the room where the cats already ate their meals? It made perfect sense.

It would turn a basic room into the ultimate functional cat space. So, let’s take a tour of our new and improved cat room!

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tabby cat walking between cat shelves

First Stop: The Cat Shelves

The star of the room is clearly the two cat walls with cat shelves. Not only does it look great (in my humble opinion), but it’s functional and an excellent activity area for my four cats – Dexter, Olive, Sophie and Woodrow.

I worked with Hayley Williams from Cat Therapy on designing the cat wall layout. Okay, so I didn’t do any of the designing – I left it all in Hayley’s capable hands.

She selected the products, designed the layout and provided mockups of her vision. We made a couple of updates throughout the process, but the end result is very close to her original design.

If you need cat room design ideas, I highly recommend working with Hayley!

tabby cat using scratching post
Woodrow checks the sturdiness of this cat tower.

In an upcoming post about the cat walls, I’ll dive deeper into working with Hayley, why we selected the specific cat shelves, and the overall design process.

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white cat sitting on cat shelf scratching
Sophie found the perfect spot for scratching.

Here is a video of the cats exploring the new setup.

Cat Shelf Brands

Hayley selected two brands of shelves for us to install. Some of the shelves are from Catastrophic Creations, and the others are from Fukumaru.

Next Stop: The Feeding Stations

My cats have been using the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder from Sure Petcare for a few years now. It’s the number one item I would recommend to any cat parent with more than one cat if I could only recommend one product.

I received the feeders for free in 2019 when I wrote a full review about them on my other blog called Three Chatty Cats. We’ve been using them non-stop since then, and they are still going strong.

white cat watching tabby cat eating from pet feeder
Sophie waits patiently for Dexter to finish, hoping for a dropped morsel.

Here are three of the four pet feeders we currently use. I added the cats’ names with craft stickers so they know which one is theirs. (Just kidding, it’s helpful for our cat sitter.)

three Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeders
Some of the different color mat options for the feeder.

When designing the cat room, I knew I wanted the feeders off the floor. We have a 9-month-old puppy who loves to lick the lids. He never got into the food dish, though, which speaks to the feeder’s durability.

So, Hayley designed the cat wall to include four feeding stations. Each cat quickly learned which feeder was theirs, but that didn’t stop Sophie from checking them all multiple times.

Here’s a video of Sophie exploring and double-checking the feeders just in case one was left open by mistake. (Yes, I have a Ring cam in the cat room, too!)

Another convenience of having the pet feeders higher up is that I don’t have to bend down multiple times a day to change out the food dishes. Yes, I wanted the cat room to work for me, too!

tortie cat eating from pet feeder
Olive at her feeding station.

Microchip Pet Feeders

Sure Petcare currently sells the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect. We use the original version that doesn’t connect to WiFi or an app. Check out the pet feeder we use on Amazon.

Last Stop: The Litter Setup

No one likes to see the cat litter area, right? Right?!? (If you do, that’s fine too, I suppose.) My solution to hiding the litter area is a litter closet. It’s like their own private bathroom.

closet door with cat opening at the bottom
The litter closet is in the corner of the cat room.

We installed a mini cat door in the closet door. (If we ever sell our house, it will have to go to a cat parent or a Lilliputian.)

cat peeking out of cat door hole
Dexter demonstrates how to use the Purrfect Portal cat door.

Okay, let’s peek inside the litter closet.

litter box and litter-robot 4 in closet
It may not be pretty, but it serves its purpose.

We have a Modkat Flip Litter Box (on the left) and a Litter-Robot 4 (on the right). With four cats in the house, we need options. We have another litter closet downstairs that only has a Litter-Robot 4. And yes, you guessed it, we’re affiliates for Litter-Robot’s parent company, Whisker. But we did purchase the Litter-Robot 3 model on our own back in 2019 before becoming affiliates.

Also in the litter closet, although not pictured, is an air purifier that is on 24/7.

Litter Setup Items

Here is the list of items we have in our litter closet.

Check out our complete litter supplies list on Amazon.

$25 off Litter-Robot 4

And there you have it! A tour of our perfect purrfect new cat room! It’s both functional and a nice play area for the cats. They enjoy it, I love it, and everyone is happy (except for maybe our puppy Guster who can no longer lick the pet feeders).

white cat with blue eyes on a wall cat tower
Sophie always finds the top spot to survey her domain.

Check back with us as we dive deeper into each section of our functional new cat room. Upcoming posts will include more on our feeder stations, litter setup, and of course the cat walls and what went into designing them.

Do you have any indoor cat room ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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