Cat At Roof: Whimsical Home Décor for Cat Lovers by Vina Kao

Don’t you love seeing a piece of artwork that you’re instantly drawn to? That’s how I felt when I visited Vina Kao’s Cat At Roof booth at CatCon earlier this year. Vina sells home décor items featuring her charming cat art.

There’s something so enchanting about the pieces Vina creates. Right now, she only sells her art on home décor items, but I hope one day she sells them as art prints. I’d be first in line to buy them!

white cat sitting on bathmat of cat art
Sophie approves of the bathmat.

Cat At Roof

I purchased three pieces from Vina at CatCon. Vina’s booth was so popular that she sold out at the annual cat-centric event! Here’s what I purchased.

This mousepad that Sophie insisted on inspecting.

white cat paws standing on mousepad with of art
Sophie’s verdict: soft and high-quality, passes inspection.

Here’s what the full mousepad looks like. It’s also available as a wall clock.

round mousepad of cat art
photo used with permission

Next up, this glass cutting board. Vina sells them in two sizes. I wanted the bigger size, but I waited too long to return to her booth, and she had already sold out of them. This one is 8 inches x 11 inches. The bigger size is 11×15.

glass cutting board of cat art

Here’s another adorable cutting board from Vina’s shop.

photo used with permission

The third item I purchased at the show was a wall clock – the one with the cat reading the book. Here’s a selection of the clocks available in the Cat At Roof shop. There are many more designs, too!

After CatCon, I couldn’t help but visit Vina’s Etsy store, and I ended up buying two of her bathmats. As you can tell, I’m in love with her artwork, which is why I wanted to share her shop with others.

Cat Bathmat
Cat Bathmat

In addition to bathmats, mousepads, wall clocks, and cutting boards, Vina also sells her artwork on blankets.

Finding a name, thanks to Squeaky

I thought “Cat At Roof” was a fun and unique name, so I asked Vina how she came up with it. She told me how a cat, soon to be named Squeaky, played into the naming of her Etsy store.

Around the time that Vina started her online store, she and her husband found a tiny black cat on their roof, who was hiding from bigger cats in the neighborhood. They took in the cat and named her Squeaky.

Squeaky arrived around the same time that Vina was feeling burned out from working at a large animation studio on their feature films. After wrapping on her latest project, and having lost passion for animation and anything creative, Vina decided to take a year off and work on something smaller to make herself happy – “to heal my tired soul” – as she put it.

Vina thought of Squeaky arriving on her roof – and inspiration struck! She could name her store Cat At Roof to celebrate the new chapter she was starting. Only later did Vina realize (who is originally from Taiwan) that “at” was not the correct word in English. But, she says, it was was too late and she already felt bound to the name Cat At Roof.

I think it’s a lovely name with a wonderful story behind it. And here is the adorable Squeaky on one of Vina’s bathmats.

black cat lying on bath mat
Vina’s cat Squeaky, no longer on the roof.

If you’re shopping for the cat lover in your life (or for yourself!), check out Vina’s charming cat-themed home décor!

Shop Vina’s cat goodies on Etsy.

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  1. squeaky ewe iz one gorgeouz houz panther ! N we think de name cat AT roof total lee werkz…
    bee coz…squeaky waz….at de roof…..knot de front door! 😺🐟 for sure de gurlz gonna head
    over two etsy….N check out de goodz ….Vina’s art werk iz AWESUM! manee thanx for sharin
    mizzuz rachel 💙😺🐟‼️