Cat Lady Alley…Where Curiosity Spoiled the Cat Lady

Thanks for stopping by! The goal at Cat Lady Alley is to make you smile with all the cat-related finds, tips, and stories that I bring you, and to ultimately inspire your inner cat lady.

I will present you with feline-inspired finds, review cute cat curiosities, host giveaways, and share anything that strikes my (cat lady) fancy. Please stop by and stroll often through the alley, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow our blog to stay inspired.

So, whether it is something for you or your furry friend, Cat Lady Alley is for both the lady and her cat!

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A little bit about me

I’m Rachel and my three cats inspire me every day. When I’m not petting a cat or blogging, you will likely find me at the movies with my husband, Ross, or curled up with a good book. I am fond of chocolate and cookies. And chocolate chip cookies.

These little ones are my inspiration…

What inspires you?

Cat Lady Alley is part of the Three Chatty Cats family

Some readers may recognize my three cats. That’s because I am also the founder and blogger behind Three Chatty Cats, an award-winning blog that is dedicated to highlighting cat rescue groups and their life-saving efforts.

I want to keep the heart of Three Chatty Cats centered on anything related to cat rescue. So, it felt right to spin off anything non-rescue related to Cat Lady Alley. I hope you join me on this new journey and find inspiration in both Cat Lady Alley and Three Chatty Cats.

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