7 Reasons to Visit a Cat Cafe

I hope that every cat lover can visit a cat cafe at least once in their life. Not only do they support cat rescue and adoptions, but they are also great for your cat-loving heart and soul!

I’ve had the opportunity to visit several over the years, and here are seven reasons to visit a cat cafe!

1) You’ll be surrounded by fellow cat lovers

A cat cafe is a place where everyone “gets you” and understands your love and passion for cats. In addition to all of the furry felines roaming around, the room is full of human smiles, squeals and oohs and aahs. What an awesome environment!

During my visit to Crumbs & Whiskers in Los Angeles, California, there was already a lineup of eager cat enthusiasts waiting to enter. (As with most cat cafes, Crumbs & Whiskers requires a reservation and entrance fee to visit.) We all waited patiently (kind of) to enter, while pressing our faces against the glass, eager to see all of the cats.

tabby cat at Crumbs and Whiskers cat cafe
The welcoming committee at Crumbs & Whiskers, aka Hermione.

2) The cats are available for adoption

All five of the cat cafes I’ve visited adopt out their cats. While there might be the odd one or two that don’t do that, I have yet to encounter one personally.

In fact, one of the most heartwarming parts of visiting a cat cafe is seeing how they display all of their cat adoptions! Catfe in Vancouver, British Columbia, had quite an impressive photo display when we visited.

photos of adopted cats at Catfe
Photos of adopted cats at Catfe.

The cafes also get creative in displaying their adoptable cats, like this fun board at CatCafé Lounge in Los Angeles, California.

adoptable cats at CatCafe Lounge
Adoptable cats at CatCafe Lounge.

3) You get to play, pet and cuddle with cats

While you’re not allowed to pick up the cats at some cat cafes, you can certainly find plenty to do with them. Like play, pet and, if you’re lucky enough, have a cat waltz over and settle in your lap.

4) Cat cafe cats are chill

Some cat cafes work with rescue partners, while other cafes are the rescue group themselves, pulling cats from shelters to place at their cafes. But in both cases, cafes generally look to pull social cats who would do well in a public environment.

black cat at Cat & Craft Cafe

So, that means many of the cats you meet are super chill – just hanging out and enjoying their time at the cafe as they wait for their forever home.

tabby cat at CatCafe Lounge

While the overall goal may be to find laid-back cats, that’s not always how it works out. But any good cat cafe will give a shyer cat time to open up. And if that doesn’t happen, some cafes will send the cat to a foster home instead, but never back to the shelter.

5) Cat cafes offer fun ideas for your own cat space

While not everyone has the space at home for an elaborate setup like this one, complete with tree poles from floor to ceiling…

cat on cat shelf looking at camera with tree poles in background

…you can still get some fun ideas from cat cafes for setting up a cat room or cat wall at your house.

6) There are good noms!

A cat cafe is comprised of two words – cat and cafe. So, you’re likely to enjoy some good eats while you’re visiting with the furry felines.

Cat & Craft Cafe

Some cafes handle the food situation differently. For example, Crumbs & Whiskers doesn’t prepare anything onsite. You order when you get there and they bring it in. But all the other cafes I’ve visited prepared their food on-site. And it was delicious! (And cute.)

7) Photo ops aplenty

Obviously, the main reason to visit a cat cafe is because, you know, cats – which means there are plenty of opportunities to take pictures of those gorgeous felines.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I leave you with the beautiful cats from my various visits to several cat cafes.

The photos I’ve shared are from my visits to these cat cafes:

Have you visited a cat cafe before? What was your experience like?

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  1. I live in Wichita, Ks and our 1st cat Cafe is going to open soon!!! I’m sooo very excited🐈 I am a crazy cat lady and have 2 cats🐈‍⬛