Live Streaming Animal Cuteness

Did she give birth yet? Well, did she? You know who I’m talking about. April the giraffe! (As of the time of this writing, the answer is no.)

It seems that the world is caught up in watching and waiting for April to give birth. The live cam feed to her pen had over 125,000 viewers when I sat down to write this post. And the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page has nearly 825,000 followers, all likely waiting for updates on April.

So, all of this live cam feed mania got me thinking. Where can one go to find other live animal feeds to watch?

Check out – a site with several nature and animal live cams to browse through. But they are more than just a hub for live cams.

According to their website, “explore showcases individuals who have dedicated their lives to improving the human condition. We believe they are true heroes, and hope that others will benefit from learning about their work through our films and photography and connecting with them through our minds.”

explore is home to over 250 educational films (think shorts and clips, not feature-length) and 30,000 stunning photographs from all over the world. While not focused solely on animals, many are animal related.

For cat lovers, just search “cat” and see what explore has to offer. Also, be sure to check out their blog for things like this article from Kitten Rescue on cerebellar hypoplasia in cats. And then of course, head on over and watch their live kitten cam!

By the way, explore also has mobile apps in case you don’t want to watch on your computer.

Just Google It

Of course there are plenty of other places to watch live feeds of animals. Keeping Up with the Kattarshians, anyone? Just Google “live animal feeds” or something similar and you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.

Animal Planet ( has several. You’ll also want to check out the animal section of And then there are sites like that gathers other streams from sites like

And remember, your favorite shelter, rescue or foster parent may also have a live stream camera set up. Be sure to check out their social media to see what they have.

So, if you’re itching to watch some live animal cams, rest assured that you won’t have a problem finding them.

And for your viewing enjoyment, here’s another live kitten cam from explore, thanks to Big Cat Rescue in Florida .

Do you find yourself glued to live animal cams? Have a favorite one to share? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. These are so cool! Thank you for sharing these awesome links. Who doesn’t love a kitten cam? 🙂

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