What’s in the Box? February CatLadyBox

Are you ready to peek inside the February CatLadyBox? This month’s box had several nice goodies inside, and one…well, slightly strange item.

Unboxing February CatLadyBox

The February featured artist is Allison Edge. Pretty adorbs, right?

featured cat lady artist Allison Edge
“Pink Dream” by Allison Edge

For the Cat!

Let’s start with the cat toys that came in this month’s box. First up, we have the Purrfect Play Love Dice. Filled with catnip, you and your kitty will enjoy rolling the dice to see all the cat-inspired phrases.

purrfect play love dice cat toy

Next for your cat, the Choco-Nip Strawberry, also a catnip toy. It’s pretty darn cute.

choco-nip strawberry cat toy

For the Cat Lady

The “Links of Kitty Love” Necklace will delight any cat lady who loves cat-themed jewelry. While I don’t often wear necklaces, I could see myself wearing this if the right occasion comes around.

"links of kitty love" necklace

If you’re like me, then you have your phone with you pretty much at all times. Well what if the perfect cat photo op arises, but your phone isn’t charged? Don’t worry, the Kitty Cat Backup Charger has you covered! I’m not sure if it looks more like a cat or an owl…but it’s still pretty handy, and I like the compact size.

Next to an iPhone 7 to compare size.


I’m not entirely sure what this Teddy Bear Rug is for. It says it’s a cat bed. But Sophie, my 9lb cat, definitely wouldn’t be able to get comfy on it, as you can see from the bottom photo. The Teddy Bear Rug may be perfect if you have kittens, who of course will then outgrow it. But I will say that it is nice and soft.

teddy bear rug cat toy

teddy bear rug cat toy
Poor deflated teddy bear.
teddy bear rug cat bed with white cat
Sophie investigates the Teddy Bear Rug.

On a random side note, am I the only one who finds this Teddy Bear Rug a bit creepy? I don’t know…it reminds me of a bear skin rug, which I would never put in my house. I think they may have missed the mark with this item. But maybe that’s just me?!? Am I way off base here?

And that’s a wrap for February! If you are interested in subscribing, visit CatLadyBox.com.

***Cat Lady Alley is in no way affiliated with CatLadyBox and this is not a sponsored post.

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12 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? February CatLadyBox

  1. We’re always amazed at all the fun different items the Cat Lady Box has every month. We like the bear skin rug. Wally’s favorite thing is his Zoey Blanket which looks like a bear skin rug as well…and is brown and tan.

  2. That’s great stuff in this month’s box. That rug, though … It could be like a cape for Gracie. 😉

  3. I need to get that head bonk dice for Rosie! One of her favorite activities is bonking others on the head. The bear rug is a bit creepy. Looks like it would be a better suited for a bunny.

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