Hero Cats of Stellar City

Are you a fan of cats? Well, obviously. But are you also a fan of comic books? If so, you’ll want to check out Hero Cats of Stellar City! They’re the cutest and furriest heroes around!

Hero Cats of Stellar City ©Kyle Puttkammer
Hero Cats of Stellar City, written and created by Kyle Puttkammer

Hero Cats of Stellar City

The Hero Cats of Stellar City comic book series follows the adventures of seven hero cats who keep the streets of Stellar City safe. From the Hero Cats website, “The Hero Cats comic books are created to be an action packed ongoing series designed as an “All Ages” title. Fans of the series will see “Cat Awesomeness” like they’ve never seen before in the series!”

I’ve read Volume 1 in the series, of which there are currently four volumes. While I don’t typically read comic books, I had to read this one when I stumbled across it online because it stars cats! I thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations, and Hero Cats definitely has a fan in me.

Hero Cats of Stellar City ©Kyle Puttkammer

Written and created by Kyle Puttkammer, Hero Cats is a fun adventure series that any age cat lover would enjoy. And for those interested in flexing their creative muscles, there are coloring pages you can download from the Fun Stuff section of their website.

Hero Cats of Stellar City ©Kyle Puttkammer

Special Offer

If you’re interested in reading the Hero Cats comics, Cat Lady Alley has secured a special offer for readers. If you purchase Volumes 1 through 4, you’ll receive a copy of Midnight Over Stellar City for free! Check out the details in the Cat Lady Alley cart that’s been set up exclusively for our readers with this special offer.

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Midnight Over Stellar City ©Kyle Puttkammer
Get a free copy of Midnight Over Stellar City when you purchase Hero Cats Volumes 1 through 4.

If you prefer to read the comics individually instead of in volumes, you can purchase them from the Hero Cats website at Shop the Mewstand.

Hero Cats of Stellar City is published by Action Lab Entertainment.

***Hero Cats and Action Lab Entertainment are not responsible for the content of this post. Cat Lady Alley only shares information we feel would be relevant to readers. All images are copyrighted by Kyle Puttkammer and used here with permission. Images may not be downloaded or reproduced from this website.

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