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As I can often be found doing, I was recently browsing cat pics on Instagram and discovered ArtfulKitty, an Etsy shop that makes super adorable handmade cat toys. I figured it was my duty to order some of their toys and have Sophie test them out for you. Read on for a discount code, too!


About ArtfulKitty

ArtfulKitty is a mother-daughter team. The daughter of the duo, Maria, considers herself her mom’s sewing apprentice. But the 18-year-old runs the shop, handles all of the social media, and also does a lot of the hand-stitching and stuffing, while mom Deanna is very skilled on the sewing machine.

Maria says that she loves the bond they share while making their high quality cat toys and getting to spend time together as well. And above all, Maria loves to create.

I have always believed that I was meant to create. Whether it be painting, drawing, writing, or even cooking, I love to see people smile at something that I have created. I’ve wanted to be an artist my entire childhood. It is how I express myself, how I communicate with the world when I don’t know how to with words. Even though I’m making toys, something I never thought I’d be doing, it doesn’t mean it can’t be just as wonderful.


That feeling of making someone happy, even through a simple toy for their pet, is what truly inspired me. The way we are able to spread joy into other peoples’ lives without even knowing them: that is what I’m meant to do; that is my goal.

~Maria, ArtfulKitty

Sophie Reviews ArtfulKitty

While I was setting up for the photo shoot of the ArtfulKitty cat toys, Sophie decided she just couldn’t wait any longer to begin her review.

Handmade catnip strawberry cat toys by ArtfulKitty.
Sophie interrupts to investigate the strawberries.
white cat with strawberry cat toys
“Hmmm…what’s this?”
white cat with strawberry cat toys
“Smells yummy.”
white cat with strawberry cat toys
“Tastes yummy, too!”
white cat with strawberry cat toys
“I see you over there, little strawberry.”
white cat with strawberry cat toys
“You can’t get away from me! I’m going to get you!”

As you can see, Sophie gives four paws up to the catnip strawberry toys. After the photo shoot interruption, she snatched one up, hopped off the table and off she went with her prize.

Next up, I gave Sophie the catnip kicker toy. She loved that, too! Check out the video to see Sophie in action.

white cat with kicker toy
“I wuv you, kicker toy. You’re my new best friend.”

ArtfulKitty Discount Code

The ArtfulKitty cat toys are vegan, organic, and handmade in the U.S. As you can see, I purchased the strawberries and a kicker toy for my cats. But they have a lot of other cute toys to choose from as well. Being that they are handmade, inventory may vary and new designs pop up as well!

They currently have a five-star rating on Etsy – I think due not only to the high quality cat toys, but also the wonderful customer service! The items shipped out fast and Maria included a very nice handwritten card with the order.

I asked Maria if ArtfulKitty would be willing to give readers a discount code and she happily obliged! If you think these strawberry cat toys are adorable or your cat would love the kicker toy, then head on over to the ArtfulKitty Etsy shop and use the “CATLADY” code for 25% off your order!

Discount Code: CATLADY
25% off your order at the ArtfulKitty Etsy shop
Code good through March 31, 2017

Know any kitties who would love some handmade toys from ArtfulKitty?

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  1. Cute video, they are obviously sturdy too- she really gave it some good kicks. Those berries look fun.

  2. I gotta get TW’s little card with the long number. Must as we love Etsy, TW rarely orders cos the postage is so high. Maybe the 25% off discount will make up for the postage.

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