Cute cat art by Rachel and her hubby!

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Thinking about an automatic litter box? Read our in-depth review!

We’ve been using a Litter-Robot since 2019, so we have a lot to meow about. See what we think about Litter-Robot 3 vs. Litter-Robot 4 and the pros and cons of automatic litter boxes in general.

Cat Room Ideas: Designing a Fun and Functional Cat Space

Tour our new cat room and see how we set up the cat shelves, the feeding stations, and the litter area to make a functional cat space. Get ideas for your own cat space!

three cats in a cat room with cat shelves

Looking for enrichment ideas? Check out our cat enrichment series.

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Cute cat art by Rachel and her hubby!
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Cat Lady Alley is a blog for cat lovers, by a cat lover. That’s me, Rachel! And who am I? I’m a lover of cookies, crafts, cats, and clogging. I mean blogging.

I’m here to help enrich your life and your cat’s life.

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